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Several of the following testimonials are customer reviews that we retrieved from various websites, such as automotive service directories. Consequently, some names appear as “anonymous” or as pseudonyms.

  1. RodKnocker says:

    A great mom and pop shop. The ONLY alignment shop I will go to. They take care of your problems and do not try to “up sell” parts you do not need. Very honest people with a cute receptionist. The best for customized vehicles (lifted or lowered, street or dirt) and Jeeps. Take your car there, you will be happy.

  2. Autumnwind says:

    these guys atren’t the least expensive but not the most bar far. they do great work, they only do what you need and they stand behind what they do! you definitaly get what you pay for!!

  3. Sncmerri says:

    I have been taking my car(s) to Roger ever since he opened the shop. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to touch my vehicles. He’s proven himself honest, fair and extremely friendly! It’s such a huge relief to have an honest mechanic! He has even on occasion looked at my car and told me that it didn’t need anything. Now THAT’S honesty! I never feel like I am getting the “upsale scam” when I am talking to him or his office staff. I would and do highly recommend this shop to anyone!

  4. Girl4god80 says:

    This is the best shop I have ever been to. They are honest, reasonably priced and extreamly nice. I don’t take my truck anywhere else!